Well hi there!

My name is Noor. I started writing this blog on the 4th of April 2013, after visiting hundreds of fashion blogs and spending hours on Lookbook. I was so amazed by how people could make their looks so incredible by adding those little extra things, such as accessories, cool hair styles or nail art. Since around that time I was trying to get more accessories in my daily routing and cool nail art into my weekly routine, I decided to start this blog so my progress could be followed. To make me remember my goals every month, I decided to put up some monthly goals, also called 'dreams'. Can you guess where the inspiration for my blog's name comes from? (;

By now, my blog no longer focuses on fashion, nail art or my dreams. Instead I write about everything that makes me happy. Travels, my pictures from Instagram, Christmas presents ideas, ... It's all here now and I hope you'll like what you read! :D

xo Noor